Thursday, 18 August 2011

Revolutionary Sun Lens Technology from Carrera

In today's world, we all thirst for superior technology that will enhance our life experiences... smart phones, Blu-ray, HDTV and iPads all take our experiences to another level.  Traditional polarized sunglass lenses are yesterday's innovation masquerading as today's latest and greatest... UNTIL NOW.

The X-cede Lenses by Carrera push beyond normal polarization by doing more than just blocking glare.  Revolutionary nanotechnology receptors seek out and enhance the richest waves of the color spectrum.  Light waves that cause visual noise and distortion are filtered, allowing  richer light waves to shine through.  Instead of applying a film to the surface of the X-cede lens, the polarization is molecularly embedded into the surface.  This process provides edge to edge polarization efficiency and optical clarity with out deterioration, peeling or fading.

Features of the Carrera X-cede:
 - lightweight NXT Trivex material (better than glass or polycarbonate)
 - high impact resistance and scratch resistance
 - front surface repels water, sweat and dirt for easy cleaning
 - 100% UV protection
 - back surface anti glare treatment
 - Available in gray (with silver mirror), brown, and gray-green without compromising contrast
 - Rx-able in most digital progressives and wrap compensated single vision.

Come check out this new amazing technology.  Married with Carrera's great vintage and sporty styles, the X-cede lenses can take your life in the sun to the next level.